Following a meeting organised by Diana Johnson MP, Emma Hardy MP and Karl Turner MP, between the Leader of the Council, Councillor Brady, Councillor Clarke, the Director of Children’s Services, representatives of the St Cuthbert’s Catholic Academy Trust and the Diocese of Middlesbrough, an agreed understanding on the Trusts’ proposed future music tuition, practice and music curriculum was established. 
The St Cuthbert’s Catholic Academy Trust will be taking the music tuition, practice and music curriculum for the schools it is responsible for, into a new ‘in house’ provision delivered by staff directly employed by the Trust. The Trust is not, as has been widely reported, establishing a rival music service to that already delivered by Hull Music Service. The Trust is keen to continue to work with the Hull Music Service on future City wide projects in Hull. 
The Council is committed to the continuation of Hull Music Service and will work with the Service to ensure the delivery of their programme and services going forward.
Kevin Duffy on behalf of The Diocese of Middlesbrough & Ged Fitzpatrick on behalf of St Cuthbert’s RC Academy Trust